February Free Classes

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Tuesday, February 1st

Knowing how to prune something isn’t always intuitive, but it can be simple. Come learn from us as we show you some basic rules for most common types of pruning – perennials, roses, fruit trees, brambles, pruning for shape, pruning for size, and more.

Saturday, February 5th

If you’re new to Central Texas, it's likely that the selection of plants that thrive here are different from those you may be familiar with. Get acquainted with what grows here, and how to take care of it!

Tuesday, February 8th

Learn to identify common garden pests and how to treat them. The best approach to organic pest control is healthy happy plants through sound cultural practices, and early detection and ID! Let us help you off on the right foot!

Saturday, February 12th

Tuesday, February 15th

Are you a veggie gardener with a few years experience under your belt, looking for a little more challenge? Then Veggie Gardening 201 is for you! Come learn about cover crops, vegetable families, tips for crop rotation, no-till, soil life, common mineral deficiencies, and more.

Saturday, February 19th

The most common questions asked at our Info Desk are all about lawns. Knowing how to care for a lawn organically can prevent many of the pitfalls of lawn ownership. Learn how to maintain your lawn correctly, keeping it green, lush, and healthy.

Tuesday, February 22nd

Yes, the green side goes up, but there’s much more preparation involved in planting & transplanting to ensure the best success. Learn the basics so you can confidently do some DIY landscaping!

Saturday, February 26th

Even if you lack space for a garden, you can grow in containers! Learn some tips and tricks specific to growing in containers, as well as how to design some show-stopping pots just in time for spring!