Private Classes

Come for a private class here at The Natural Gardener! Private classes are great for garden clubs, HOA groups, or even bunches of adventurous friends who just want to learn more about gardening. We have a long list of topics we can speak on, and if what you’re interested in isn’t on the list, feel free to ask about it! Please note:

  • Cost of class for 10 people or less is $100, ADD $10 per person for classes greater than 10 people e.g. 1 person cost=$100, 3 people cost = $100, 12 people cost=$120
  • All classes are ON SITE HERE at The Natural Gardener.
  • Private Classes are on WEDNESDAYS ONLY between 9am-2pm.  Classes are an hour long.
  • There are NO CLASSES during March or April.
  • MAXIMUM class size is 20 
  • Please give us at least 2 weeks notice for any of the available topics listed below.
  • For specific requests that are not listed, or for ASL interpretation, please allow us at least 4 weeks notice to ensure we can accommodate your request.

We also offer free classes which are open to the public, click here to see our schedule of upcoming free classes instead.

To schedule a private class, fill out the form below and we will contact you. 

Available Topics

All About Pruning

Knowing how to prune something isn’t always intuitive, but it can be simple.  Come learn from us as we show you some basic rules for most common types of pruning – perennials, roses, fruit trees, brambles, pruning for shape, pruning for size, and more.

Butterfly Gardening

We will discuss the maintenance and up keep that will sustain your garden throughout the season. We will help you to maintain your garden through the summer and manage for peak butterfly traffic in the fall. We will also discuss the difference between a nectar plant and a host plant, how to control pests without harming the good guys and how/when to prune to increase flowering.

Container Gardening

Even if you lack space for a garden, you can grow in containers!  Learn some tips and tricks specific to growing in containers.

English Cottage Gardens in Central Texas

Have you ever wanted an English style cottage garden but not sure where to start?  We will review tips, techniques and drought tolerant plant selection for an English style garden with a Texas touch!

Herb Gardening

Central Texas is a perfect spot for growing herbs. Learn the fundamentals of herb gardening from soil and nutrient requirements, how and when to harvest, to preservation and storage

Houseplants: Choosing & Care

We will talk you through the do’s and don’ts of house plant care including watering, plant placement, plant selection for the light in your home and which pests to look out for.


Learn all about the wonderful hummingbird, and which plants are the best to grow to attract these creatures to your garden.

Native & Well Adapted Perennials

If you’re new to Central Texas, its likely that the selection of plants that thrive here are different from those you may be familiar with.  Get acquainted with what grows here!

Organic Veggie Gardening 101

Have you ever wanted to learn how to grow your own food, but didn’t know where to start? We will walk you through all the basics from soil prep, to raised beds, to planting in the right season.

Organic Veggie Gardening 201

Are you a veggie gardener with a few years experience under your belt, looking for a little more challenge? Then Veggie Gardening 201 is for you! Come learn about cover crops, vegetable families, tips for crop rotation, no-till, soil life, common mineral deficiencies, and more.

Organic Weed Control

Combination products that claim to fertilize your lawn whilst killing weeds can be very harmful to trees, other plants, and even wildlife.  Come learn to deal with those pesky weeds the organic way!

Pests and Diseases

Learn to identify common garden pests and diseases and how to treat them. The best approach to organic pest and disease control is healthy happy plants through sound cultural practices, and early detection and ID!

Plant Propagation

It is simple and easy to propagate plants.  Some of the most common ways plants are propagated or multiplied are by growing seeds, root division, and stem cuttings.  Learn which processes are most appropriate for specific species.

Pollinator Gardening

Learn to pick plants to maximize your pollinator diversity throughout the entire year, and support native solitary bees and honeybees alike.

Seed Starting

When vegetable gardening in Texas, timing is everything. Being able to start vegetable (and other) seeds indoors gives a gardener more control over choosing plant varieties, as well as timing. Learn all the tricks to starting seeds indoors successfully, so you can have the freedom of planting what you want, when you want.

Tree Watering & Care

Trees clean the air, add beauty, and increase property values.  Learn how to care for yours to keep them healthy and looking their best.

Watering & Watering Equipment

Proper equipment can help reduce water bills.  Learn about the different products available to get the water where you need it, when you need it.