Prepaid Phone Orders

We accept prepaid phone orders for our products sold by the foot (see photos of swatch samples available below), and any of the goods listed below.  Prices updated February 2023 and are subject to change.  At this time we are not able to offer this service for plants or other goods. 

Prepaid orders must be picked up on the same day they are placed.  You will be emailed a receipt after calling in your order.  Please display your receipt to the gate attendant, and we will express you through the line.

If you know what you would like to order, please call our store at 512-288-6113 and our dispatch office will guide you through the process.

Potting Soil

Happy Frog — 2CF — $32.95
Ready to use aged forest mix for containers, containing the most beneficial microbes on the market, including bat guano & earthworm castings. Feeds plants for 2-3 weeks.
Ocean Forest — 1.5CF — $26.95
A powerhouse blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, and sea-going fish and crab meal. Has a light, well aerated texture.  Feeds plants for 4-6 weeks.
Rabbit Hill Farm Cactus Mix — 5gal — $21.95
A soilless ready-to-use potting mix that has been specially formulated for all types of cacti & succulents. Contains compost, aged pine bark, lava sand, granite sand & perlite. May also be amended 50/50 with your favorite potting soil to create a well draining soil.
Light Warrior Seed Starter — 1CF — $28.95
Ultimate grow medium for seed starting & transplanting. Beneficial microbes stimulate & enhance fertilizer uptake. Fast-draining and lightweight.
Heirloom Soils The Works Potting Soil — 1CF — $22.95
All-purpose blend made from leaf mold and vermi coposts, cured coir, aged pine bar, basalt, expanded shale, humates, biochar, molasses, and mycorrhizae,


Sustane 8-2-4 — 20lb — $39.95
An excellent all-purpose organic fertilizer that we have been using here at The Natural Gardener for many, many years.
Rock Phosphate 0-3-0 — 40lb — $54.95
Promotes roots, blooms, and fruits.


Happy Frog Soil Conditioner: 1.5CF — $22.95
Blended in small batches with pH-balanced aged forest products, earthworm castings, humic acid & bat guano. Contains beneficial microbes to stimulate roots & help access nutrients.
Acidified Cotton Burr Compost — 2CF — $16.95
Same as above but with added sulfur for acid-loving plants!
Aged Leaf Mold Compost – 1CF — $15.95
Loosens heavy soils to improve drainage while also improving moisture retention and beneficial soil microbe activity.  Finely screened.  Great for topdressing lawns!
Premium Expanded Shale & Leaf Mold Compost — 1CF — $15.95
A mix of these two products used for blending into existing soil to add organic matter, improved soil texture, and increase moisture retention.  Recommended for use every 3-4 years.

Garden Soil

Nature’s Creation Garden Soil — 1CF — $11.95
A balanced blend of black humus compost, horticultural sand, composted forest products, kelp meal, composted rice hulls, poultry manure & mycorrhizal fungi. An ideal stand-alone medium for all in ground plantings.
Heirloom Soils Veggie & Herb Mix — 1CF — $16.95
Made from leaf mold compost, composted soil fines, aged pine, cured coir, shale, granite sand, & mycorrhizae. For use in raised beds or large pots.
Heirloom Soils Multi-Purpose Rose Soil — 1CF — $15.95
High quality blend ideal for growing roses and acid-loving plants but suitable for perennials, blooming shrubs, seasonal color, and more.  For use in raised beds or large pots.
Heirloom Soils Fruit, Berry, & Citrus Soil — 1CF — $16.95
As the name suggests, this mix is formulated for growing fruit plants ranging from berries to citrus.  Includes leaf mold compost, aged pinebark, expanded shale, fungal compost, composted soil fines, cured coco coir, torpedo sand, granite sand, and mycorrhizae.  For use in raised beds or large pots.


Pine Straw Bale — 4.5CF — $26.95
A very attractive natural groundcover made from pine needles. It is especially useful in vegetable gardens. Comes in a bale.
Texas Native Hardwood Mulch — 2CF — $3.95
An all-natural, double ground hardwood mulch with a vibrantly dark color that stays consistent for years to come.  Will not wash away and keeps the weeds at bay!
Texas Native Cedar Mulch — 2CF — $3.95
An all-natural, reddish-brown, double ground cedar that is not only wonderfully aromatic –it’s also a natural insect repellent! Great for all bedding, garden and tree landscaping needs.


Expanded Shale — 40lb — $11.95
Use for improving drainage & permeability of the soil.
Decomposed Granite — 0.5CF — $6.49
¼” minus size with pinkish tint. Use between patio stones or as driveways & walkways. Also great for added drainage and minerals to gardens/flower beds.
Granite Gravel — 0.5CF — $9.95
3/8” Pinkish color w/black speckles. Use as a groundcover in landscapes or for pathways/driveways.
Basalt — 0.5CF — $11.95
5/8” Can be used for walkways or water features.  Dark grey when dry & black when wet.
Crushed Limestone — 0.5CF — $5.95
1 1/2” Use as a groundcover in landscapes or for pathways/driveways.
Pea Gravel — 0.5CF — $7.95
3/8” Use in a variety of landscaping projects.  Can be used in aquariums.
River Rock — 0.5CF — $7.95
5/8” Use as a groundcover in landscapes or for pathways/driveways.9


Perlite — 4CF — $40.95
Used in container gardening to improved drainage.
Vermiculite — 4CF — $68.95
Improves soil aeration while retaining moisture & nutrients.
Gypsum — 50lb — $29.95
An excellent source of calcium & sulfur.  Loosens up clay soil to improve drainage.
Lava Sand — 40lb — $10.95
Increase paramagnetism, water-holding and porosity of your soil.
Minerals Plus — 40lb — $44.95
A blend of minerals, including lava sand, greensand, and trace minerals.