October Free Classes

If you would like to attend one of our free classes, please click the links below to register. While walk ups are welcome, signing up helps us to manage attendance. Attendees who register might be selected for a special prize!

Saturday, October 29th at 10am

A TNG Homegrown class, presented by Chrissie
Have you ever wanted to learn how to grow your own food, but didn’t know where to start? We will walk you through all the basics from soil prep, to raised beds, to planting in the right season, with a focus on growing in containers!


Getting Started With Bees

Saturday, October 1st at 10am

presented by guest speaker from Two Hives Honey

Have dreams of becoming a backyard beekeeper?  This class will share some of the basics of how to get started as a beekeeper, including learning about honey bee biology, discussions of city and state regulations, required time and financial commitment, as well as other important factors to consider before getting started.  This class is intended to help you understand if a hobby in beekeeping is right for you and your family!

Organic Veggie Gardening 201

Tuesday, October 4th at 10am

A TNG Homegrown class, presented by Robb

Are you a veggie gardener with a few years of experience under your belt, looking for a little more challenge? Then Veggie Gardening 201 is for you! Come learn about cover crops, vegetable families, tips for crop rotation, no-till, soil life, common mineral deficiencies, and more.

Native Wildflowers

Saturday, October 8th at 10am

presented by guest speaker George Cates from Native American Seed

Are you looking for beautiful and sustainable landscape solutions to the challenges of living in the hot and dry Central Texas climate? Create a piece of authentic Texas in your yard by planting wildflower seeds! Learn how to successfully prepare, plant, and maintain our beautiful native wildflowers and grasses. If you’ve tried to plant Texas wildflower seeds in the past, only to be disappointed with the results, this class is for you! We are privileged to have George, from a highly respected native seed company, coming at just the right time for planting the perfect wildflower garden.

Butterfly Garden Maintenance

Tuesday, October 11th at 10am

A TNG Homegrown Class presented by Heather
Join us for a discussion about the maintenance and upkeep that will sustain your butterfly garden throughout the seasons.  Learn the difference between a nectar and host plant, how to control pests without harming the good guys, as well as how/when to prune to increase flowering.

Saturday, October 15th at 10am

 presented by guest speaker Teresa Stephens from Pollydog Landscapes
“What’s wrong with my lawn?” is one of the most common questions heard at our Info Desk. Knowing how to care for a lawn organically can prevent many of the pitfalls of lawn ownership. Learn how to maintain your lawn correctly, keeping it green, lush, and healthy.

Tuesday, October 18th at 10am

A TNG Homegrown class, presented by Robb

Knowing how to prune something isn’t always intuitive, but it can be simple. Come learn from us as we show you some basic rules for most common types of pruning – perennials, roses, trees, pruning for shape, pruning for size, and more.

Saturday, October 22nd at 10am

A TNG Homegrown class, presented by Chrissie
Even if you lack space for a garden, you can grow in containers! Learn some tips and tricks specific to growing in containers, with a focus on fall seasonal plants.

Tuesday, October 25th at 10am

A TNG Homegrown class, presented by Heather

Learn to identify common garden pests and how to treat them. The best approach to organic pest control is healthy happy plants through sound cultural practices, and early detection and ID! Let us help you off on the right foot!