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The Natural Gardener strives to bring our community the best and largest selection of plants.  Gardening in Central Texas is quite different from other parts of the United States, which is why we specialize in selling native and well-adapted plants for our area.  Our inventory can fluctuate wildly, even in the course of a few hours.  The BEST way to check plant availability is to CALL us.  Our number is (512) 288-6113.

What Plants can I Expect?
We sell trees, shrubs, veggies, annuals, perennials, herbs, grasses, vines, houseplants, xeric plants, roses, and SO much more.  The Natural Gardener receives plant deliveries Mon-Fri.  Many plants, particularly those from the City of Austin’s Native & Adapted Landscape Guide, we try our best to stock year ‘round.  Sign up for our email newsletter, delivered every Thursday evening, and receive information on upcoming sales, new products and shipments, gardening tips, and more!

Have a question?  Can’t find something?  Just ask!
Especially if you haven’t visited our eight acres before, it can be daunting trying to locate a particular plant, and confusing to simply find your way around.  We’re here to help!  Just ask any of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members for assistance.

Plant Hold Policy:  The Natural Gardener will hold PAID orders of over $50 for up to one week.  Customers must call and pay with a valid credit card to reserve items.  If the customer does not collect the items within one week of the date of payment, the transaction will be refunded, minus a 15% restocking fee.