November in the Garden

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Below are some examples of flowers which can be planted this month. See our Flower Planting Guide.

Average last frost date: November 27th

Get ready to protect newly planted plants, veggies, and tender landscape plants before a freeze. Inspect and clean up potted plants that are moved indoors, treating them first for any pests. Mulch everything – all plants and even bare soil. If a freeze is expected, water plants beforehand, as dry plants are much more susceptible to cold damage. Drape row cover, sheets or blankets over plants, sealing in the heat from the ground by securing the fabric well at the soil line. Buckets and other containers can be used in a similar manner, or special cold frames or hoop houses can be constructed.

Spray the landscape weekly with seaweed

We actually recommend doing this all year round to maintain the overall health and vigor of your plants. A good source of potassium and other micronutrients, it helps plants in the summer with the heat, and also with the cold in the winter.

Overseed for a winter lawn

Overseed lawn with winter rye. Use perennial rye for a thin bladed, slower growing green winter lawn. It will dye in the spring as the weather warms up as it is not really a perennial in Texas.

Things to prune

Prune back chrysanthemums almost to the ground after blooming. Protect them from freezes and you’ll enjoy another show in the springtime.  When leaves are still on the trees the dead branches are much easier to spot, so now is a good time to prune out dead limbs from trees and shrubs before the leaves fall. 

Last chance to plant wildflowers, divide perennials