Why close when there's just a little rain?

Notice about weather closures:
Our business is mostly outdoors, with limited indoor space, and Texas is notorious for unpredictable weather. This combination calls for difficult decisions to be made regarding our operations on days with heavy rain, lightning, or other inclement weather. We always maintain our staff’s safety first, and regrettably this means we sometimes have to close with little advance notice. We do not have enough safe shelter for customers as well as our staff, while having to maintain social distance.

It seems like every time we make the decision to close, the weather ends up clearing into a beautiful day. We do feel a bit silly when this happens, but nature has her own mind and we can’t control her.

We are very sorry for anyone who is inconvenienced by these unpredictable closings. During times of lightning or other weather that might prevent outdoor activity, please check our Facebook page for any updates, or call before making the trip.