May Free Classes



Tuesday, May 3rd at 10am

a TNG Homegrown class presented by Kirk

We’re so excited about our new rosebush varieties for 2022 — learn all about this amazing landscaping plant from our plant buyer himself!

Snakes of Central Texas

10am on Sunday, May 8th

presented by guest speaker Tim Cole

Learn how to cohabitate safely with your slithery serpent neighbors, and also about the exceptional role they play in the ecosystem. Come out for a special meet ‘n greet with some beneficial native Texas snakes, featuring a display of live snakes!  Bring the whole family — kids will enjoy viewing and learning about these incredible creatures.

Organic Veggie Gardening 101

Tuesday, May 10th at 10am

a TNG Homegrown class presented by Robb

Have you ever wanted to learn how to grow your own food, but didn’t know where to start? We will walk you through all the basics from soil prep, to raised beds, to planting in the right season.

Brewing with Native Plants

Saturday, May 14th at 10am

presented by guest speaker Trevor Nearburg

Trevor Nearburg, a native Texan, grew up camping all over West Texas and the Austin hill country. His love of nature greatly influenced his passion for brewing, but unfortunately, hops don’t grow in Texas.  Learn how Beerburg Brewing began, and how their flavors have been inspired by Texas’ native plants.

DIY Landscape Design

Tuesday, May 17th on 10am

a TNG Homegrown class presented by Heather

Our DIY Landscape Design class is all about helping you form a plan to transform your yard.  Learn the basic steps to get started, the “rules” of plant placement, helpful tips like easy ways to find out how much sun your yard gets, how to use color, what is “hardscape” and how to choose the right plants for your design.

Benefits of Fungi in the Soil

Saturday, May 21st at 10am

presented by guests from the Central Texas Mycological Society

This is a workshop.  Mushroom spawn and growing substrate will be provided.  Attendees should bring:  a bucket, 5 gallon container, planter pot, laundry basket, milk crate, or any container with holes in it will work.  Do not buy anything new; there are many ways to recycle and reuse materials.  If your container doesn’t have holes in the side, use a power drive with a 1″ bit and drill holes in a diamond pattern 4” apart on the sides of the bucket.  DO NOT drill holes on the bottom.  If there are already holes on the bottom,  line it with cardboard.

In this workshop, attendees will cover basic mushroom biology, and grow delicious Vitamin D filled culinary mushrooms!  The instructors will also demonstrate low-cost and low-tech ways to recycle spent mushroom substrate (SMS) and other organic matter back into the soil.  These basic techniques require no special equipment or electricity and can all be done outdoors using organic materials found on most farms and gardens.  Let’s build healthy soil together!

Growing Citrus in Central Texas

Tuesday, May 24th at 10am

a TNG homegrown class, presented by Robb

Grapefruits, kumquats, mandarins, oranges, lemons, and limes!  Cultures around the world have used many types of citrus in a wide variety of ways both culinary and medicinal.  The fruit is unlike anything else and the flowers have an amazingly strong sweet scent.  Citrus grow quickly and do very well in our heat, but they will often need winter protection.  Learn the tips and tricks you need to be successful!

Saturday, May 28th at 10am

presented by guest speaker Stacie

Central Texas is a perfect spot for growing herbs.  Learn the fundamentals of herb gardening!  This class will cover soil and nutrient requirements, how and when to harvest, as well as preservation and storage.

Tuesday, May 31st at 10am

a TNG homegrown class, presented by Heather

Have you ever wanted an English style cottage garden but aren’t sure where to start?  We will review tips, techniques and drought tolerant plant selection for an English style garden with a Texas touch!