Our Loyalty Program

Announced 8/10/2021

We are excited to begin our new loyalty program — spend less, get more! Here’s what you need to know:

– You’ll notice a new tablet at the registers when you checkout. Instead of paper stamp cards, we now only need your phone number to keep track of your points.

– Customers earn 1 point per dollar spent. When you reach 400 points you can redeem a $10 off coupon.

– You can always bring in any of our old green Lady Bug Loyalty cards. Full cards can be redeemed as usual, and any partial cards can be exchanged for points in the new system. (1 stamp = 25 points)

– If you would like to receive special birthday and other offers, please opt in by responding Y to the welcome message.

– If your phone number has changed, or the information on your account is incorrect, please call our loyalty program support at 860-578-2770 and select “1” from the menu options.

– Sorry, we are discontinuing Double Stamp Wednesday. Instead we have increased our discount in your favor, regardless of the day you shop! Remember to opt in to our special text offers for even more savings!