Landscaper Referral List

The following is a list of landscapers who have done business with us for a number of years. We do not guarantee the quality of their work, however, if you have a compliment or complaint about any of these companies, please let us know. We appreciate your feedback.

Please click on the Green Links → below to visit that company’s website.  Note that some companies do not have a website.

Tree Care

Certified arborist, tree trimming, and planting of large trees.  Contact through website is best.

(512) 712-6575

Certified arborist and tree care safety professional — Guy Leblanc

(512) 301-8700

Certified arborist with over 25 years of experience — Neal Howerton

(512) 826-6966

Tree maintenance and removal, certified and insured local family owned business providing full tree service.  Contact through website is best.

(512) 552-9025

Commercial or Very Large Jobs

Design, installation, maintenance, masonry, lighting, hardscaping, irrigation

Contact through web only

Large to Medium Jobs

Design, installation, water features, and rockwork.

Contact through web only

Cobblestone Garden

Design, installation, large-scale maintenance, some smaller gardens, too

(512) 799-2877

Design, build, maintenance, steel & stone work.  Contact through website is best.

(512) 340-0432

Consultations, design, installations, specialized maintenance, personal gardeners.

Creating beautiful, sustainable landscapes for families & businesses
Design, installation, maintenance, rockwork, metalwork, water features

(512) 386-7633

Design, installation, holiday decorating, maintenance, all size jobs, including small.

(512) 264-9600

Medium to Small Jobs

Native garden design, maintenance, rejuvenation, pots & containers, DIY designs and support.

Contact through web only

Dig It
Custom garden maintenance; native & naturalized plants

(512) 565-5193

Lawn Care

Organic, all electric, no emissions, sustainable lawn care and maintenance service.  Contact through website is best.

(512) 430-1228

Design, build, install, maintain lawns and landscapes

(512) 394-7152

Specialty Services

Austin Edible Landscaping

Edible garden design, installation & education, fruit trees, herbs, raised beds, organic practices.  Will plant single trees!

(512) 524-9607

Jason Derks – Consulting Arborist

Consulting & tree health only.

Landscape design with native plants & modern steel fixtures

(512) 587-2401

Organic gardening coach specializing in vegetables, herbs, citrus soil building, and attracting biodiversity.  Contract through website is best.

(512) 608-1992

Services include problem solving and consulting, xeric landscape design, organic lawn and garden care plans, and organic pest and disease control plans.

Consulting & advice, plant ID, design, organic methods, natives, remove turf grass help, troubleshooting

Contact through web only

Landscape design and installation with an eco-friendly approach.

(512) 298-9396

Kitchen garden designs & installations

Unique designs through use of permaculture principles, landscape maintenance

(512) 446-4443