June Free Classes

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Saturday, June 25th at 10am

presented by special guest, New Garden Road

Get the most out of your summer veggie garden!  Learn about uncommon, yet delicious and prolific varieties of squash, cucumbers, eggplant, and other summer favorites, complete with tips to get a bountiful harvest even through our summer heat.

Tuesday, June 28th at 10am

a TNG Homegrown class presented by Heather

Growing plants in Central Texas is rewarding but it comes with real challenges, particularly if you’re used to a different growing environment.  Even if the zone recommendations match, don’t assume you can grow old familiar plants from your previous location.  Learn helpful tips and pitfalls to avoid for a successful Central Texas gardening journey.


Saturday, June 4th at 10am

presented by Two Hives Honey

Have dreams of becoming a backyard beekeeper? This class will share some of the basics of how to get started as a beekeeper, including learning about honey bee biology, discussions of city and state regulations, required time and financial commitment, and some important factors to consider before getting started. This class is intended to help you understand if a hobby in beekeeping is right for you and your family! 

Tuesday, June 7th at 10am

a TNG Homegrown class presented by David

We will discuss the maintenance and up keep that will sustain your garden throughout the season. We will help you to maintain your garden through the summer and manage for peak butterfly traffic in the fall.  We will also discuss the difference between a nectar plant and a host plant, how to control pests without harming the good guys and how/when to prune to increase flowering.

Saturday, June 11th at 10am

a TNG Homegrown class presented by Chrissie

Veggie Gardening 101 with a twist — all the basics, with a focus on growing in containers!

Tuesday, June 14th at 10am

a TNG Homegrown class presented by Heather

All cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti!  Come and learn about the wonderful world of cacti, agave, and euphorbia — to name just a few — and learn how you can use them in your home or yard.  This class will cover plant selection, growing tips, care advice, as well as design ideas.

Saturday, June 18th at 10am

presented by guest speaker Colleen Dieter

While native plants will typically require far less water and maintenance, they are not maintenance free.  Learn how to get the most out of your native plants while minimizing effort.

Tuesday, June 21st at 10am

a TNG Homegrown class presented by Robb

Have you ever wanted to learn how to grow your own food, but didn’t know where to start? We will walk you through all the basics from soil prep, to raised beds, to planting in the right season.