July Free Classes

Registration opens 9am on June 15th. Links will not be active until this time.

Saturday, July 2nd at 10am

presented by Dr. Amanda Adams from Bat Conservation International

Join Dr. Amanda Adams, Director of Research Conservation at Bat Conservation International, to learn about bats!  Amanda will go over some bat basics and then talk about how you can help bats right in your own backyard by creating a bat garden!

Tuesday, July 5th at 10am

a TNG Homegrown class

Are you a veggie gardener with a few years of experience under your belt, looking for a little more challenge? Then Veggie Gardening 201 is for you! Come learn about cover crops, vegetable families, tips for crop rotation, no-till, soil life, common mineral deficiencies, and more.

Saturday, July 9th at 10am

presented by guest speaker from PollyDog Landscapes

One of the most common questions asked at our information desk is, “What’s wrong with my lawn?” Knowing how to care for a lawn organically can prevent many of the pitfalls of lawn ownership.  Learn from one of the best lawn care companies in town how to maintain your lawn correctly, keeping it green, lush, and healthy.

Tuesday, July 12th at 10am

a TNG Homegrown class presented by Heather

Learn all the do’s and don’ts of houseplant care!  This class will cover evaluating the light in your home for ideal plant selection and placement, as well as how to water, and which pests to look out for.

Saturday, July 16th at 10am

presented by Tim Miller from Millberg Farms

Tim Miller of Millberg Farms has not used a drop of aquifer water in 30 years!  By raising only heirloom crops, saving his own seeds and bulbs, and utilizing various water saving techniques, Tim has made Millberg Farm a truly sustainable farming enterprise.  Learn special techniques — such as planting tomatoes in a staggered pattern, and which nutrients plants require to use water most efficiently.

Tuesday, July 19th at 10am

a TNG Homegrown class presented by Robb

It is simple and easy to propagate plants.  Some of the most common ways plants are propagated are by growing seeds, root division, or stem cuttings.  We will discuss which process is most appropriate for specific species.  Do you have a favorite plant you want to share with friends or one you just can’t find anywhere to get more?  Dividing plants and taking cuttings allow you to greatly increase the number of plants you have so they can be shared, sold or planted in the landscape. 

Saturday, July 23rd at 10am

a TNG homegrown class, presented by Chrissie

Succulent containers can be such an exciting mixture of colors and textures!  Learn how to select complementary plants for an arrangement, as well as tips for maintaining your succulent containers.

Tuesday, July 26th at 10am

a TNG Homegrown class presented by Heather

Knowing how to prune something isn’t always intuitive, but it can be simple.  Come learn from us as we show you some basic rules for most common types of pruning – perennials, roses, fruit trees, brambles, pruning for shape, pruning for size, and more.  

Saturday, July 30th at 10am

presented by Rebecca Johnson from Arborholic

Trees clean the air, add beauty, and increase property values. Learn how to care for yours to keep them healthy and looking their best, particularly in times of drought.