Tips on Registering for Classes

Registration opens at 6pm on Thursday before the class.

Step 1

Classes fill up quickly!  If you would like to attend our class, please set yourself a reminder for when registration opens.  Classes are currently held each Tuesday, and registration will open at 6pm on the Thursday before the class.

Step 2

When registration opens, visit TNGAUSTIN.COM/SIGN-UP

Step 3

Click on the class banner.  The signup page will be inactive until registration opens.  When it opens, clicking this image will take you to the sign up list, similar to the one below.

Step 4

Fill out your information and submit.

As of 10/27 we will accept up to 30 attendees per class.  If you see the ‘success’ message when you submit the form this means you are in!  You will still receive a ticket via email shortly after signing up.  When you arrive at the class tell the attendant your name and we will cross you off our list.  You must be on the list to attend!