Compost your food waste and collect rain water!

We offer a small selection of rain barrels and composters suitable for the home gardener.  No online sales, visit us at 8648 Old Bee Caves Rd.


Compost Dueling Wizard


  • Allows 2 batches to be composted at once
  • 3.5CF capacity per chamber for a total of 7CF
  • Made of recycled BPA-free plastic
  • Fully assembled & low maintenance
  • Base has wheels for easy turning & collects up to 5gallons of compost tea
  • 8″ twist lids keep out critters
  • Made in the USA
  • One year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Compost Tumbler


  • Made of 90% recycled plastic
  • Wide opening with twist lid for easy access and critter protection
  • Rotating drum makes turning easy
  • Built-in mixing fins to help break up materials
  • Heavy duty steel frame with wheels for easy mobility of the unit

Urban Worm Bag


NOTE:  We do NOT sell worms!

  • Continuous flow process
  • Removable bottom for harvesting
  • Can be set up indoors or outside
  • Turn common household waste into organic fertilizer
  • Worm blankets and thermometers available too

Wide Overflow - 55 gallons


  • Food quality, high density polyethylene
  • Previously used for shipping pickled food
  • Inner pipe system connects to an exterior corrugated hose (included) that directs excess overflow away from your home.
  • Includes pre-installed spigot
  • Can link together to increase capacity
  • Screen lid keeps out mosquitoes and debris
  • Can be painted!

Bali Impressions - 50 gallons


  • Built-in planter on the top
  • Faux wicker texture enhances the look
  • Screened opening to keep out debris and mosquitoes
  • Two high quality brass spigots included
  • Routed channel directs overflow to the front of the barrel and away from your home’s foundation
  • Made in the USA
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

Oak - 50 gallons


  • Made of BPA-free resin
  • Resistant to rust, mildew, mold, and rot
  • Screened opening to keep out debris and mosquitoes
  • High quality brass spigot included
  • Can link to other barrels to increase capacity
  • Flat backed so it fits easily against a wall
  • Made in the USA