Bagged Product Price List

Updated May 2024.  Prices subject to change.  Check out our Garden Calculator to estimate what you need.

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Sustane - (8-2-4) All Natural Plant Food

OMRI listed slow-release all-purpose fertilizer derived from biologically stable compost, sulfate of potash, and feather meal. Feeds for 6-12 weeks. 12.5lbs per 1,000 sq. ft. for lawns in spring and fall.

5lb – $14.95 / 20lb – $39.95

MicroLife Multi-Purpose (6-2-4)

All all organic, biological granular fertilizer containing 100+ nutrients, natural plant stimulators, hormones, and billions of beneficial soil microbes.  Great for turfgrasses, flowers, and vegetables.

7lb – $24.95 / 40lb – $59.95

MicroLife Acidifier (6-2-4)

Made to the same standards as the multi-purpose 6-2-4 above, but with added sulfur and humates for reducing the pH of the soil. Ideal for roses, gardenias, & other acid-lovers.

7lb – $25.95 / 40lb – $62.95

MicroLife Humates Plus (0-0-4)

Formulated especially for turfgrasses, it contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria, humates, potassium, kelp, 100+ minerals, and billions of beneficial soil microbes.  5-10 per 1000 sq ft, 1-2 times a year.

40lb – $47.95

Nature's Creation - Premium Lawn & Garden Fertilizer (6-1-2)

An all natural, pleasant smelling fertilizer that has been formulated with 11 different strains of mycorrhizal fungi. Contains no bio-solids, manures, or animal by-products. The easy to spread pellets contain 16 proven ingredients that provide exceptional results for lawns and garden beds. Bag covers 4,000 sq. ft.

40lb – $48.95

Rabbit Hill Farms - Buds & Blooms (6-8-4)

Organic fertilizer blend made from alfalfa, bone, cottonseed, soybean, and feather meals.  Promotes roots, blooms & fruits.

4lb – $13.95 / 15lb – $31.95 / 30lb – $54.95

Rabbit Hill Farms - Rose Glo (6-8-4)

Premier organic rose food made from feather, bone, and alfalfa meals as well as humates and worm castings. Use every 8-10 weeks at 2lbs per 100 sq ft.

15lb – $28.95 / 30lb – $53.95

Cottonseed Meal (7-3-2)

A natural source of all three primary plant food elements.  Helps to create an acidic soil condition & stimulates beneficial bacteria.  3.5lbs per 100 sq ft.

3.5lb – $16.95 / 20lb – $39.95

Rock Phosphate (0-3-0)

Promotes roots, blooms & fruits.  Application rates vary.

5lb – $15.95

Heirloom Soils - The Works Potting Soil

All-purpose blend made from leaf mold and vermicomposts, cured coir, aged pine bark, basalt, expanded shale, humates, biochar, molasses, and mycorrhizae.

1CF – $22.95

Fox Farm - Happy Frog Potting Soil

A premium all-purpose mix that includes peat moss, earthworm castings, bat guano, aged forest products, and mycorrhizae.

12qt – $ 12.95 / 2CF – $35.95

Fox Farm - Ocean Forest Potting Soil

Top-notch all-purpose blend including aged forest products, peat moss, earthworm castings, bat guano, fish emulsion, and crab meal.

12qt – $ 12.95 / 1.5CF – $29.95

Landscaper's Pride Potting Soil

A basic, no-frills potting soil that provides a sustainable base for your choice of amendments.  Economical choice for raised beds and planters.  Contains locally sourced aged pine, sand, and blended organics.

40lb – $5.95

Rabbit Hill Farms - Cactus Mix

A soil-less potting mix that’s been formulated for all types of cacti & succulents. Contains compost, aged pine bark, lava sand, granite sand & perlite.

3qt – $10.95 / 5gal (0.37CF) – $21.95

Texas Native Hardwood Mulch

An all-natural, double ground hardwood mulch with a vibrantly dark color that stays consistent for years to come.  Will not wash away
and is great for pathways!

2CF – $3.95

Texas Native Cedar Mulch

An all-natural, reddish-brown, double ground cedar that is not only wonderfully aromatic – it’s also a natural insect repellent!  Great for all bedding, garden and tree landscaping needs.

2CF – $3.95

Pine Straw Bale

A very attractive natural groundcover made from pine needles.  It is especially useful in vegetable gardens.  Comes in a round bale.

4.5CF – $21.95

Nature's Creation - Garden Soil

A balanced blend of black humus compost, horticultural sand, composted forest products, kelp meal, composted rice hulls, poultry manure & mycorrhizal fungi.  An ideal stand-alone medium for all in ground plantings.

1CF – $13.95

Heirloom Soils - Veggie & Herb Mix

Made from leaf mold compost, composted soil fines, aged pine, cured coir, shale, granite sand, & mycorrhizae.  For use in raised beds or large pots.

1CF – $16.95

Heirloom Soils - Multi-Purpose Rose Soil

High quality blend ideal for growing roses and acid-loving plants but suitable for perennials, blooming shrubs, seasonal color, & more.  For use in raised beds or large pots.

1CF – $15.95

Heirloom Soils - Fruit, Berry, & Citrus MIx

As the name suggests this mix is formulated for growing fruiting plants ranging from berries to citrus.  Includes leaf mold compost, aged pine bark, expanded shale, fungal compost, composted soil fines, cured coco coir, torpedo sand, granite sand, and mycorrhizae.  For use in raised beds or large pots.

1CF – $16.95

Coconut Coir Fiber

Coir is used as an addition to potting mixes as it is light, airy, retains moisture & has an ideal pH.  11lbs expands to 17gals.

1.4lb – $5.95 / 10lb – $25.95


A granular sulfur product that is used to temporarily help lower soil pH.

4lb – $17.95 / 50lb – $41.95

Dr. Iron

Formulated to fix iron deficiency and boost plant vigor.  Reduces soil pH.  3.5lbs per 1000 sq ft.

7lb – $29.95 / 21lb – $59.95


An excellent source of calcium & sulfur.  Loosens up clay soil to improve drainage.

6lb – $13.95 / 50lb – $29.95

Lava Sand

Increase paramagnetism, water-holding & porosity of your soil.

40lb – $10.95

Minerals Plus

A blend of three paramagnetic rock materials.  Includes granite sand, lava sand, basalt, rock phosphate, humate, greensand, & montmorillonite.

6lb – $16.95 / 40lb – $51.95


Provides food for microorganisms plus carbon, sulfur, & potassium.

4lb – $11.95 / 50lb – $57.95


Used in container gardening to improve drainage.

8qt – $18.95 / 4CF – $40.95

Sphagnum Moss

Used to line hanging baskets or as a mulch for potted plants.

432ci – $12.95 / 2CF – $68.95


Improves soil aeration while retaining moisture & nutrients.

8qt – $18.95 / 4CF – $68.95

Heirloom Soils - Aged Leaf Mold Compost

Loosens heavy soils to improve drainage while also improving moisture retention and beneficial soil microbe activity.  Finely screened.  Great for top-dressing lawns!

1CF – $15.95

Heirloom Soils - Premium Expanded Shale & Leaf Mold Compost

A mix of these two products used for blending into existing soil to add organic matter, improve soil texture, and increase moisture retention.  Recommended for use every 3-4 years.

1CF – $15.95

Back to Nature - Cotton Burr Compost

An excellent food for your soil life with superb moisture-retention capabilities.

2CF – $16.95

Happy Frog - Soil Conditioner

Blended in small batches with pH-balanced aged forest products, earthworm castings, humic acid & bat guano.  Contains beneficial
microbes to stimulate roots & help access nutrients.

1.5CF – $23.95

Worm Castings

Adds nutrients & trace minerals while improving soil texture and boosting beneficial microbial life.

3qt – $13.95 / 5gal – $33.95

Decomposed Granite

1/4″ or smaller size.  Pinkish tint.  Use between patio stones or as driveways & walkways.  Also great for added drainage and minerals to gardens & flower beds.

0.5CF – $6.49

Granite Gravel

3/8″ size.  Pinkish color w/black speckles. Use as a groundcover in landscapes or for pathways/driveways.

0.5CF – $9.95


1” size.  Can be used for walkways or water features.  Dark grey when dry & black when wet.

0.5CF – $11.95

Expanded Shale

Use for improving drainage & permeability of the soil.

40lb – $15.95

Pea Gravel

3/8” size.  Use in a variety of landscaping projects.  Can be used in aquariums.

0.5CF – $7.95

River Rock

5/8” size.  Use as a groundcover in landscapes or for pathways/driveways.

0.5CF – $7.95

Fox Farm - Light Warrior Seed Starter

Ultimate grow medium for seed starting & transplanting.  Beneficial microbes stimulate & enhance fertilizer uptake.  Fast-draining
and lightweight.

1CF – $28.95

Black Gold Seedling Mix

An organic (OMRI listed) mix of peat moss and perlite that’s ideal for newly sprouted seedlings. It’s porous but water-retentive, featuring an organic wetting agent to ensure uniform moisture distribution

8qt – $7.95

Corn Gluten

A natural pre-emergent herbicide that prevents the germination of broadleaf weeds, annual & perennial grasses.

40lb – $59.95

Corn Meal

A natural fungicide that treats soilborne disease such as brown patch in lawns.

4lb – $8.95 / 30lb – $27.95

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

A non-toxic pest control dust that kills insects of all species.

50lb – $44.95