August Free Classes

Organic Veggie Gardening 101

Tuesday, August 2nd at 10am

A TNG Homegrown class, presented by Robb

Have you ever wanted to learn how to grow your own food, but didn’t know where to start? We will walk you through all the basics from soil prep, to raised beds, to planting in the right season.  Each month comes with its own gardening challenges, so even if you’ve attended before, you’re sure to pick up something new.

Homebrew Kombucha

Saturday, August 6th at 10am

presented by Buddha’s Brew

Attendees can enjoy free samples of Buddha’s Brew kombucha during the class!

Learn about the basic brewing process and all the equipment needed for the home producer. Called the “drink of immortality,” kombucha’s first recorded use was in China in 200 BCE. This fermented beverage contains many species of beneficial bacteria and fungi which can greatly increase digestive health.  Scientists have learned so much about the benefits of probiotics over the last few years.  Let us help you grow your own probiotics with this ancient tradition!

Compost, Soils, and Products

Tuesday, August 9th at 10am

A TNG Homegrown class, presented by Felecia

What’s the difference is between soil and dirt?  Just what do you use compost for anyway, and do we really need mulch?  Do I need a fertilizer if I’m already using seaweed?  Attend this class to learn how and when to use what comes in all our bags and bottles!

Saturday, August 13th at 10am

A TNG Homegrown class, presented by Chrissie

Nothing helps you handle the Austin heat like a plunge in a cold swimming pool.  Use plants to create a lush, tropical backyard getaway that makes you look forward to summer parties!  The selection covered in the class will focus on options that drop minimal mess and litter in the pool.

Tuesday, August 16th at 10am

presented by guest speaker from Freedom Solar Power

We have a lot of sunshine in Texas — let’s learn to harness it!  Learn why now is the right time to install solar panels on your home.  Start making your own renewable energy to lower your electric bills, help clean the air, improve your home value.  Join us for a solar workshop and Q & A session on the benefits, costs, and government incentives available for Austin homeowners.  A must-attend event for new homeowners, pool owners, growing families, electric car owners or potential buyers, and anyone who pays an electric bill!

Saturday, August 20th at 10am

presented by guest speaker from New Garden Road

Keeping consistent, even moisture in the garden is a key component in maximizing veggie production.  Improper watering can lead to conditions such as blossom-end rot or blight.  Learn how to utilize different tools and techniques to give your veggies the ideal amount of water with minimum waste.

Tuesday, August 23rd at 10am

A TNG Homegrown class presented by Chrissie

Preparing for an outdoor party?  Learn some tips and staging techniques to transform your garden into an inviting space, regardless of the occasion.

Saturday, August 27th at 10am

presented by our Fox Farm representative Andy Chidester

Get your garden beds ready for fall!  Learn everything you need, including differences between compost varieties, usage of dry vs. liquid fertilizers, plus watering techniques and the importance of mulch!

Tuesday, August 30th at 10am

A TNG Homegrown class, presented by Robb

Are you a veggie gardener with a few years of experience under your belt, looking for a little more challenge? Then Veggie Gardening 201 is for you! Come learn about cover crops, vegetable families, tips for crop rotation, no-till, soil life, common mineral deficiencies, and more.