In 1992, the state of Texas announced it was finally time to begin widening Highway 290 through the little community of Oak Hill, and John Dromgoole found himself faced with a dilemma. He’d been operating his organic gardening business out of the beautiful and historic Patton Building but now the fate of the old building—and the whole community of Oak Hill—was in limbo. A couple of things were certain: the business had all but outgrown the old place, and road work in front of the store wouldn’t be good for future business.

One afternoon, while driving through a rural area a few miles southwest of the old Patton store, John noticed a neglected farmstead for sale. The old farmhouse had a good amount of land around it and John immediately began envisioning possibilities for growing his business there. He talked it over with his wife, Jane, and it wasn’t long before they’d decided to take the leap; they bought the land, and in August of 1993, they opened the doors of their new store.

Today, The Natural Gardener is a world-class gardening destination known for its pioneering work in organic gardening and sustainable living. Come wander through eight acres of rustic Hill Country beauty. Shop for plants in our world-class nursery. Take a leisurely stroll through the butterfly garden. Wander the old farmhouse store. Venture out to the test gardens to study new plants and organic gardening techniques. Walk the labyrinth. Visit with the goats and chickens. Attend a free class in the Revival Tent. Enjoy a picnic in the herb garden. There are so many fun things to do while you’re here. We want you to make yourself at home.