Tropical Milkweed:  We strongly advise cutting this plant back sometime in October.

Scientists are still debating the long term effects of non-native tropical milkweed on the monarch population. If you have tropical milkweed growing in your Central Texas garden, we strongly advise cutting the plant back sometime in October. New tropical milkweed transplants will not be available for sale again until next spring.

We feel that native milkweeds are always the better option, but we continue to carry tropical milkweed for the following reasons:

  • It is less challenging to grow and more suitable for beginner gardeners.
  • It is a popular pollinator plant for many other insects apart from monarchs.
  • Cutting back early addresses any overwintering concerns.
  • Due to the widespread loss of habitat and wild foraging spaces, even a non-native option is better than none.

If you have concerns, we invite you to come in and share your research with us. New discoveries may lead to changes in future policies. Let’s help each other learn how to preserve our natural world!

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